Pastoral Services:

One-on-One Counseling for: MARRIAGE

 Pre-Marriage counseling sessions available to those who are entering into engagement and planning to wed. Rev. Foote has designed a six session program that provides couples with the tools needed to navigate successfully in marriage.  

Post-Marriage counseling sessions are available with Rev. Foote to workout and get guided Christian advice on issues that are presenting themselves in a marriage. This program will vary in sessions and allows a mediator to interpret and pray with a couple.

Addiction, Family and other Specified Counseling Services are available by trained professionals in psychology that combine psychoanalyzing along with Christianity to develop balanced effective programs.

Officiating Your Wedding:

Rev. Foote does offer a combined package of pre-marriage counseling along with officiating and presiding over the wedding. 

Officiating End-of-Life Services:

Rev. Foote and Associate Ministers will work closely with the bereaved family to execute a Godly home going service for your loved one.

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