Rev. Foote is opening his Prophetic door to those who are ready to step into their calling. He is training and mentoring those who feel they have the call on their lives to spread the Gospel. 

 With a deep rooted relationship with God, Rev. Foote knows that Faith & Love Fellowship is the place where many will be lead to preach, teach and witness for God. Many are called but few are chosen and when you are chosen, we all need to go through the School of Wisdom which Rev. Foote is dedicated of spreading to those being developed as eagles. The young  are stepping into their season to take leadership roles and do what God has commanded us all to do. 

Miracles and Blessings are HERE and ALIVE at Faith and Love Fellowship Church. Rev. Foote is receiving the calls by the day of his prophetic word coming forth. His words are coming to past and his prayers are being answering. People are being delivered right here in the sanctuary. God's Presence is here and showing out for all to receive and believe the word.