Rev. Altony Foote has been in the ministry for over 40 years. Originally from North Carolina, at a early age Rev. Foote moved to New York City where he accomplished the success of becoming one of Gospel's leading artist in the the group The Traveling Stars. After years of selling records and ministering to people all over, Rev.  Foote relocated his family to Virginia. Here he opened up one of the first digital recording studios to the public, offering affordable rates to local artist, The Enterprise Recording Studio. After years of being in business Rev. Foote and family opened South Side's first Gospel Record store catering to national and local artist, Footeseps Gospel Entertainment World.

After experiencing years of encountering hurt people, lost and church broken, Rev.  Foote made it his mission to produce a church that would  embrace everyone and stand on the principles of LOVE. From here Faith and Love Fellowship Church was birthed on the scripture John 15:12 "This is my Commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you."

The Mission of Faith and Love Fellowship Church is: From a touchable and tangible ministry, we will teach the gifts of faith and love, with these tools we shall unify the body of Christ.

Rev.  Foote is prepared to do what God has commanded him to do. He has created a fun, family, intimate, learning environment for his members. He teaches the tools to obtain a healthy fruitful life in Christ.

Rev. Foote has been married for 43 years to First Lady Gloria Foote, who is truly on her mission from God. With being the head of the Women's Ministry, W.O.F at FLFC, First Lady Foote spends her time dedicated to teaching and spreading the Gospel and allowing FLFC to be in the Will of God.

Rev. Foote ushers the Holy Spirit in during services and provides the understanding we all need to gain the prosperity we all stand in need of.

Reverend Altony Foote Sr. & First Lady Gloria Foote

A True Man & Woman of God